Introduction to .ai domain

.ai domain is managed by the top ccTLD of Anguilla. Anguilla is a British overseas territory in the Caribbean, located in the northern region of the Lesser Antilles, east of Puerto Rico.

Recent years, due the explosion of artificial intelligence industry, .ai domains become very popular.A lot of starups choose .ai as their domains, such as,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,due to the high price of .ai domain. A lot of perfect domains are available until now, which is also a good chance for the new A.I. companies.


Price Comparasion

101domain$179.98/2 years
americaregistry$199.98/2 years
EuroDNS$208/2 years
instra$298/2 years
AI-DOMAIN$140/2 years

.ai domain registration rule

Letters from "a" to "z", digits from "0" to "9", and "-". Domains can not start or end with "-" and can not have more than one "-" in a row.

Minimum registration and renewal term are both 2 years.